About Global Mold

Plastic Tower Packing Media & Wastewater Biomedia Manufacturer

Global Mold Inc. has become a recognized leader in the manufacturing of random dump tower packing and wet scrubber / gas scrubbing media products worldwide. Global Mold is a direct to retail manufacturer and distributor of plastic random dump tower packing media.

“Made in the USA! – Sold at Import Prices” is our company slogan. With the engineering, manufacturing and quality control all done in-house, we are able to offer a superior product at the same or lower price you would have when importing from off-shore suppliers. Our streamlined tower packing manufacturing process enables us to concentrate our focus on high production volume, and the lower tax base and low energy costs in Idaho allow us to maintain our low prices. This equates to our ability to directly compete with off-shore manufacturers.

At Global Mold Inc., quality products and customer satisfaction are key components of our success. We stand behind our products and our customers to guarantee the best possible tower packing media purchasing experience!

We have the knowledge and experience in working with a variety of different injection-molded resins and can manufacture our tower packing and packed bed media in polypropylene, PVC, KYNAR®, Halar®, Teflon® and glass-filled polypropylene.